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The last day of the year and I can’t let it end without my final Currently list. It’s been a pretty amazing year and I’m glad I’ve chronicled all my favorites throughout the year.

Music Monday

I’ve been making year-end playlists for a while now, and I’m not stopping any time soon. I know Spotify generated my Top 100 songs for the year, but I thought I’d still go ahead and curate my own without web algorithms dictating it. I present to you A Year in Songs 2018.

My favorite songs in 2018

Tasty Tuesday

What is December without copious amounts of eating? But my best meal of the month—maybe even of the year—was our early Noche Buena at Samba in Shang at the Fort. It was also our first time to spend Christmas on holiday and it was a pretty good one. We didn’t have to cook, wash dishes, or even make up our beds. Haha! Definitely a tradition I want us to continue.

Wishful Wednesday

Been baking a lot this month and it made me think of what could be possible in the coming year. I’ve never pushed Macy’s Fields aggressively, but I think 2019 may be the year I take it to the next level. Hoping that I can figure out how to make it a sustainable business. Wish me luck! Also, I hope I can count on your support when I decide to put my goods out there.

Thoughtful Thursday

Looking back at the year with gratitude in my heart. Thankful to everyone who put their trust in me and let me work with them. I’ve learned a whole lot in the last 365 days. I always remember that quote from Jostein Gaarder’s Sophie’s World, “Wisest is she who knows she does not know.” Looking forward to all the lessons waiting for me in 2019.

Fashion Friday

After so many months of being pretty good at self-control, I went all out this month. I think all my birthday shopping last month spilled over to my holiday shopping (“I deserve this,” I kept telling myself, lol) this month. Definitely splurged on my Christmas dress (a bright red terno mini from Áraw), but I love it so much! Also picked up another pair of Souvenir clip-ons and got gifted a pair by Sam for Christmas. Love!

I had grand plans of cleaning out my closet today, but I kind of just want to lay in bed and read. How are you spending the last day of 2018?

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