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Music Monday

Not even 24 hours after arriving from my 2-week trip, I had to fly out the next afternoon to Singapore. My friend Patty snagged us tickets to John Mayer’s concert and I was excited. Though he didn’t play “Daughters,” the set list was a pretty good mix. Did not expect him to play “In Your Atmosphere,” so that was a pleasant surprise.

Tasty Tuesday

Got to eat a lot of my faves this month. Old reliables plus new ones. Hoping to explore the kitchen again now that we’ve moved homes. Trying to do menu planning so that we don’t eat the same thing every week.

Wishful Wednesday

Like I mentioned, we moved into a new place this month. It still feels kind of strange to be in a completely new neighborhood. I’ve lived in houses all my life, so this new setup will take some getting used to. On the bright side, our bedrooms all face the sunset so there’s always this golden glow just before dusk. Here’s hoping we make happy memories in this new space.

Thoughtful Thursday

My friend Em invited me to attend an event hosted by Belle de Jour and Neutrogena. Loved that they invited Trixie Esguerra to give a vision board workshop to the attendees.

Em was the one who introduced me to setting intentions and taught me to always ask for “this or something better.” I’m a big believer of manifesting the things you want and learning more about vision boarding made me excited about setting goals this year.

I got a kick out of seeing one of my bylines in one of the magazines we were given as material for the vision boards. Here’s to taking dreams and making them reality.

Fashion Friday

Who knew that at 36, I’d still be taking OOTD photos and posting them online for all to see, lol. It was hard not to with such pretty backdrops, so I turned those photos into an article. Haha! Thanks to the Preview team for always indulging me and my pitches.

I say never say never. There’s always a first time for everything and who knows, maybe you’ll find that it’s actually worth trying.

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