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Currently / September 2019

It’s a little crazy how this year is whizzing by. How is it already October? I could have sworn it just turned September. Blink and it’ll be November in no time. Wild!

I’m fresh from a cruise (my first time!) which I have to write about for work. The start of the month also means doing reports for the past month, so I’ve got some PowerPoint decks ahead of me. Got to get a ton of writing done today, but had to do my monthly round-up first.

Music Monday

Mandy Moore’s career is flourishing. From This Is Us to new music, I’m so thrilled to have somehow grown up with her from days of Candy (literally!) to following her home renovation (quite obsessively, might I add) and her wedding (that pink dress!). Love that she’s putting out music, especially after that nightmare with her former husband.

Also, in dream music news. One of my favorite bands ever is coming to Manila in December! I promise I will be at the venue early and won’t miss one single song. LOL!

Tasty Tuesday

Finally found a white sandwich bread recipe that doesn’t dry out immediately 2 days after baking. I cut the recipe in half so I only bake one loaf since it lasts us about a week. I’ve already made it twice this month.

Wishful Wednesday

Signet rings for Dandy Ona Jewelry
Signorina: a delicate signet ring collection designed exclusively for Dandy Ona Jewelry

It was about a year and a half ago when we released the Dandy Ona x Prima hair clips. Before that, I had never designed jewelry apart from the first custom ring I had done by Dandy Ona Jewelry for myself. And here we are with a brand new collection.

I’ve been obsessing about signet rings but always thought they were a little too clunky and huge for my hands. As you can already tell, I’m always drawn to dainty and delicate things, which explains why the signet rings I’ve designed look the way they do.

For this collection, I wanted to pay tribute to three important ladies in my life. My two lolas and my niece. You can currently pre-order the Remedios, Julieta, and Miranda by sending your ring size and choice of gold (you can choose from yellow, white, and rose; the rings are silver dipped in gold) to Dandy Ona Jewelry’s Instagram.

Wishing for more thoughtful and intentional projects like this one.

Thoughtful Thursday

“Just like old times”

Someone once asked me about forgiveness and grudges and how you decide which people you cut off from your life completely. I didn’t have an answer. I guess life just has a funny way of steering you in a certain direction and it’s up to you whether you’ll fight it or trust that you’re allowing good energy to flow back into your life.

Fashion Friday

Designs by Marie Luna Top
Modern Maria

Picked up this Luna top at the Katutubo Popup two weekends ago. Been trying to invest in well-made local brands lately and I hope they’ll last me a long time. There’s another one in two weeks and I’m already scared for my wallet. Haha!

October, here we go.

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    October 1, 2019

    I can’t believe it’s October!