A good week in February

It’s Been a Good Week

I’ve been trying to be better at documenting my days since the beginning of the year. And while I love the ease of Instagram, sometimes, captions don’t really encapsulate just how incredibly great a day was. Although, clearly, this week has been something else.

Started the month with a lunch date with my friend and former teammate Mara. We somehow always end up getting together just us even if we originally plan a group thing. I don’t really mind though since we get to catch up more this way. Even if we don’t work together anymore, I like getting updates on how she’s doing and what she’s been busy with. I know she gets pressured sometimes when I try to motivate her, haha. But she knows I always mean well.

I also finally bought Macy’s Fields earlier this year (thanks, Any Day Design!), so that I’d be forced to finally work on a website for my baked goods. I didn’t really plan on going full throttle with this, but for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been getting really great feedback on my stuff. As they say, strike while the iron is hot!

Macy's Fields Brownie Cookies
I used a canvas tote and just pulled out all of my mom’s glassware. Handmade platito also made by me at Hey Kessy Pottery.

A lot of people told me to just set up a cute Instagram account and sell there, but see, my stuff isn’t really something you buy to Instagram. So I couldn’t really reconcile creating yet another social account to update to market my baking. I still think my strength is telling stories, so I figured a website would be the best platform to house this type of content. I spent an entire day baking brownie cookies, turtle pie, chocolate chip cookies, and cupcakes and shot them on my bedroom floor for the website. Haha, that’s where the light hits really beautifully every afternoon. Already had a new theme installed on the website (thanks, Mikko!), so it should be up and running by the end of the week. I’m targeting a Valentine’s Day launch, lol.

Also recorded a podcast with one of my good friends Jenn for a fintech company that’s promoting financial wellness. IKR, financial wellness and me? I don’t know if I made sense but hopefully my experience will help other people struggling with managing their finances. We had lunch after with Mikko and ended up talking about our 20th year as Assumption Antipolo graduates. How crazy is it that we’ve been out of high school that long?!

SPOTJapan Team
Having ice cream after dinner with the SPOTJapan team.

Had dinner with the SPOTJapan team before S, one of our EAs, leaves Summit. I very rarely get to spend time with the team as I work from home and our meetings are few and far in between. Really enjoyed spending time with them.

Then, I had my college barkada over the next day for lunch and dessert plus a serving of Miss Americana. Our house in Xavierville used to be where all the parties and get-togethers happened because it was in the middle of everyone. I kind of miss having people over, so I’m glad we have guest parking now.

Spent Friday finishing up editing work and meeting up with Lou for a quick catch-up over coffee. She always makes me feel like I’m doing things right whenever we see each other. So after we meet up, I always get a surge of energy. After coffee, sat through two hours of traffic to make it to the Bags by Rubbertree studio in QC. Been eyeing the blue tiny box bag ever since they posted it on Instagram, so it was the first thing I gravitated towards. Ruben and Trina are always so kind whenever I see them at pop-ups. It was super cute also how their daughter’s eyes lit up when they told her that I was the one who made the brownie cookies they ordered. Haha! Ended up having Popeye’s takeout at Mikko’s where we watched Miss Americana and I asked her to help me with WordPress themes.

Tristan Prettyman lyrics on my Riso print
Featuring Tristan Prettyman lyrics and printed by Bad Student. Calligraphy and drawings by me!

Then finally, yesterday, I spent an entire day learning stuff! Started out with a Risograph Workshop with the talented people of Bad Student. Abbey, Chinggay, and Reese were just some of my classmates along with another girl named Macy! How cool is that? Brought some art stuff with me, but didn’t really brainstorm on what I’d be making. Ended up with some calligraphy and pointed pen art for my A3 print, which I love so much! I’ve been thinking of having business cards made and I think I want to get them done in Riso!

After a detour for lunch with Chinggay in Greenhills, I made my way to Makati for Cynthia‘s workshop to celebrate her UTme art collaboration with Uniqlo. I’ve taken a few watercolor workshops already, but I think people have different techniques, so I like taking classes even if I kind of know watercolor already. Was there early, so I got to catch up with Cynthia and Dang, who I met a few years ago at a workshop in Hey Kessy with Robert Alejandro. She liked my Riso print so much, she wanted to buy it. HAHA! Luckily, they gave us 5 prints each, so I gave her one just because.

Now it’s Sunday and I’m spending it in my pajamas watching YouTube and getting a headstart on this week’s deadlines. Hoping for more days that feel like magic and don’t leave me feeling tired at all. Hope you have a good week ahead!

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