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Currently / April 2020

Writing this on Day 50 (50!) of ECQ. I haven’t been out of the house since March 30 when I last physically went to the grocery. I’m getting a bit confused with time already. I paid my credit card bill twice and I’ve woken up at least twice this weekend thinking it was a Monday. Anybody else feeling a little loopy these days?

Music Monday

This popped up on my Discover Weekly and couldn’t stop listening to it. Music has always been a soothing salve for any kind of grief, so I look forward to Mondays when I get a new playlist to listen to.

Tasty Tuesday

I’ve been finding comfort in the kitchen these days and bake days are the bright spots to my week. I’ve also been trying to cook on some days. But the highlight of my month is ice cream! I tried a delivery service for seafood that also carried Arce Dairy, so naturally, I ordered Coffee Crumble. I also placed an order a couple of weeks ago for Cereal Milk gelato from Manila Creamery, so I’ve been savoring every scoop.


Wishful Wednesday

I know I need to accept that going out with a mask on and keeping our distance from each other will be the norm for a while. I miss seeing my friends, hugging people, laughing at something so hard that you have to hit someone. All trivial things in the context of what’s going on, but things I still miss. Also, I miss getting dressed up and putting on colored eyeliner. Hehe.

What do you miss?

Thoughtful Thursday

I will watch any teen show and will enjoy it, I promise you. I worked for a teen brand for 12 years and even before that, I’ve lived, breathed, and loved everything about being a teen.

This month, I saw On My Block and Never Have I Ever, both shows revolving around teenage POCs. Both quite entertaining in their own way and binge-worthy. P.S. Jamal is the best part of On My Block, haha.

I’m trying to think back to the Pinoy teen shows we watched growing up and wondering if I felt “represented” then. Honestly, I don’t think I ever thought of the characters to reflect me or my friends. I did enjoy watching those shows though and remember even trying to film our own version with my barkada. May it never see the light of day, lol.

Fashion Friday


I have been living in pajamas and all possible permutations of it with my pambahay since ECQ started. This past week though, I’ve been mixing it up with my going out clothes. Even if I’m just wearing them at home, it kind of marks the start and of the week somehow. Here’s hoping I still fit into the rest of my clothes after all of this is over.

It’s the end of Week 7 and the beginning of May. I think we all know that even after these next two weeks, we won’t really be going back to the normal we were used to two months ago. Are you using this time to condition yourself? Are you figuring out your battle plan for the rest of the year? Whatever it is, I hope you sort it out. We’ll all see each other on the other side of this.

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