What Life’s Like, Day 68

I don’t even know if the count is right anymore. We’ve been in quarantine for more than two months now. The daily cases of those infected with COVID-19 hasn’t gone down 200, I think. They say we’ve “flattened the curve,” but have we really? I think maybe when the numbers are closer to zero, don’t you think?

This week has been a struggle (not just for me, I’m sure) and maybe it’s not getting restful sleep or the constant bad news that wakes you up in the morning or just the simple reason that you cannot go out of your home without fear of getting sick. I just feel very tired considering I’m not doing very much.

Earlier this year—it already feels a lifetime ago—I made a list of habits I was trying to commit to. Good to know I’ve kept some of those habits. And while I may have dropped some (cannot ignore rice when there’s corned beef on the table, tbh), I’ve also picked up new ones.

I’ve been exercising more frequently (now on Day 24 of NTC) because my bottoms are starting to feel so much tighter. ): I feel like my already low step count has even gone lower now that the only place I go to is about 20 steps to the kitchen/dining.

Since the quarantine started, I haven’t been sleeping through the night. Last night, I tried sleeping earlier and putting my phone on silent. I think I slept through the night but I still woke up at 5 in the morning. So I napped in the afternoon before my workout. I shall try to do that more often.

Sunsets in the afternoons have also made this quarantine much easier to bear. I love how the colors are always different every day. It also reminds me that whatever bad thing I’m feeling that day, it’ll always be better in the morning.

I still don’t want to go to the grocery, so I’ve been ordering our supplies online. Plus, I can now get same-day delivery for Metromart now, so that’s a relief.

I try to check in with friends when I can and also reach out when I’m not particularly feeling great. Sometimes I’m met with silence and other times with encouraging words. I try not to take it personally. We’re all doing the best we can.

The last show I binged was The Great British Bake Off and now that’s done I’m trying to watch shows one episode at a time. Currently on rotation: my Bryan Fuller rewatch (Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies), The Great, The Baker and the Beauty, Dead to Me. And I just started Sweet Magnolias last night (thanks to Patty’s reco).

After momentarily staying away from baking, I found myself baking 3 times in 4 days. Crazy. I find that when I’m feeling anxious, I really do channel it into making something. Today, I made no-churn avocado ice cream because I finally remembered to buy condensada.

I’ve finished this week’s editing work and I still have a short story I need to go back to and rework. Hopefully tomorrow the words come.

I used to be a bathe-in-the-morning person but with the quarantine, I’ve been taking showers in the evening before I go to bed. My hair never dries properly and I always end up wearing pajamas all day. Seems wasteful to change into another set of clothes in the morning when my “office” is just the makeshift standing desk beside my bed. I’ve also started wearing bikini tops in lieu of bras. Just makes sweating that much more, er, comfortable?

I don’t remember when the last time I wore shoes or when I put on makeup. I’ve been doing my nails again and painting them in bright colors. For a moment, I get to focus on just painting the right shapes and making sure they’re dry before I move about. Today’s nails look like stickers.

Not really sure what else there is to say. I really just wanted to post again because I finally installed a new WordPress theme. Still working out the kinks, etc, but quite happy with the overall look. As always thank you to Mikko and Any Day Design for all the help.

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  • Patty
    May 22, 2020

    Thank you for taking a chance on Sweet Magnolia for me hahaha

    • Macy
      > Patty
      May 22, 2020

      Hehe try ko naman mag-pang-alis pagtulog ko