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Currently / August 2020

It’s almost been six months since quarantine began. This month was the first time we dared to visit my brother for his birthday. My niece gave me a big hug the moment she saw me. I suppose this is how it’s going to be for a while, huh? Been busy in the kitchen, learning new recipes, too. My new favorite this month: pizza!

Music Monday

After Brandy released her latest record (which is awesome, btw), I ended up on her Artist Radio and started listening to my high school faves. Love me some Tamia, TLC, SWV, Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, and pretty much everyone on this playlist. Grl pwr! What have you been listening to lately?

Tasty Tuesday

And my favorite part of this monthly round-up lately: all the food I’ve been making and consuming 😛

It’s pretty crazy how I’ve gone from baking once every couple of weeks to *counts* 18 days out of 31! I’m self-soothing.

Wishful Wednesday

Really hoping all the challenges this month will ease up in September. I’m hoping to bake again soon, so keep an eye out for stocks to be available again on the site. I also hope to be able to pick up my plates from the studio, so I can sell them! Feeling kilig how strangers have messaged to ask if they can buy some of the platitas. Yes, yes, of course you can!

Thoughtful Thursday

PM Palaisipan final pull
Pulled this very same card three times this month

I used to pull tarot cards more frequently when I first got my deck. But lately, I’ve only done full moon and new moon spreads. This month though, I joined Practial Magic’s #PMPalaisipan daily tarot challenge on Instagram. I also wrote down my insights in my PM Journal and it’s been a good exercise of reviewing what happens every day and how my card resonates with me. This particular card popped up three times this month, all meaning completely different things based on the day’s prompt. What I love about tarot is not only do I learn so much about them each time I pull a card, but also how I’m getting to know myself a lot better as I do. If you’ve ever wondered about it, I highly suggest you head over to Chinggay’s site to know more. Love her approach to tarot and all things woowoo!

Fashion Friday

So I’ve been living in the same shorts and cropped pants since the start quarantine. I would wear my outside clothes, but it’s just been so hot lately and jeans are hardly comfortable to wear all day. Plus, let’s be honest, they’re all feeling a little snug these days. Huhu. So I went ahead and picked up a couple sets of these comfy shorts! Can’t believe they actually fit me honestly but I’m ready to put them on pambahay rotation. Lol.

Tomorrow, it’s already officially into -ber months territory. Should we put up our tree?

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