An Affinity for Newsletters

I’ve always loved signing up for newsletters. Last year, I cleaned up my subscriptions (I’m on way too many shopping lists, lol) and started signing up for newsletters by writers. I think this has somehow filled the void of reading blogs on my Netvibes reader, which I stopped checking some time ago because no one ever updates their websites anymore. I get it. It’s much easier to just type a caption on Instagram or tweet out some random thought into the void. But I still love reading longform in the sea of 280-character limits.

Smarter Living

One of my favorite newsletters is this one from The New York Times. I very rarely skip reading this one as I receive it as it usually imparts some helpful advice. From practical tips like reducing data usage on your phone or something a little more meaningful like letting go of grudges, I always pick up something from this newsletter. I find that I don’t even delete them from my inbox, so I can always go back to read them when I need a reminder.

Disaster Baking

Can’t quite recall how I stumbled upon this newsletter, but it was an instant subscribe for me. Basically, it’s a momentary distraction from the horror that is real life. Very apt subscription if you ask me in the midst of a pandemic. I look to baking as an escape, a salve to soothe my stress, so I can very much relate. But that’s not to say ignoring what’s going on in the real world is cool. Mattie Khan talks about issues in the newsletter and shares links for required reading. Signed up for another baking newsletter recently and I already love it—I’ve only gotten one email so far!

I don’t believe in astrology

Don’t let the name fool you. I absolutely believe it, and so does this newsletter. It gives you bite-sized truth bombs about the zodiac and in such a funny manner. There are also horoscopes (for everyone) for the week. My favorite ones were folklore lyrics as signs. Of course I’m “mad woman.”

Public Library

I believe I first followed Phoebe Lovatt via The WW Club. I was just starting out as a freelancer after being fully employed for 12 years in publishing. I was trying to find resources on how I could be a better creative and learn how to navigate this brand new world of self-employment. Earlier this year, she shifted her direction and switched her newsletter to PL—for Public Library (and incidentally her initials). She was also in the Philippines for a short bit right before lockdown happened. Starstruck by a photo of Palawan in a newsletter? Yep, apparently that is me. Haha!

Do I need a newsletter?

I’ve actually never set up my own newsletter (not counting FME, of course). Blame it on having to do it for work for more than a decade. I kept running out of things to say on a weekly basis. I actually have a Tinyletter with like one stranger subscribed and 3 drafts written years apart. None of them have been sent out, lol. So, I was wondering, if I had a newsletter, would you sign up for it? What would I even talk about? I’m all ears. Let me know what you think!

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