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Currently / September 2020

Just like that, we’re already entering the fourth quarter of the year. Kind of insane when we’ve spent most of it at home. Just this week, my brother had the Christmas tree set up in our living room. There are markers to remind me that we are moving forward even if it feels like most days, we’re just stuck.

Music Monday

Because of my niece, I’ve probably listened to this song more times than you can imagine. Just a few months ago, it was her adorable Blackpink cover (which I have saved on my phone for days when I need a pick-me-up) and now this. LOL!

Show & tell in the time of coronavirus

Tasty Tuesday

What would this monthly round up without food?

Speaking of food, I finally set up my newsletter! I’m going to try to send out one every week. If you like trying new recipes or just reading rambling from an internet person, . I promise to not send spam (unless it’s the one you eat!). There’s also a box on the sidebar where you can enter your address, if you can’t be bothered to leave this page! I’ve sent out two so far, one of which has the recipe for creamed spinach.

Wishful Wednesday


Gave myself a break this month. Unfortunately, I had two contracts get cut (one a month early and another one quarter less) because of the pandemic. My old self would’ve panicked and just taken every job left and right, but I calmed myself down and looked at my options. I figured I could afford to maybe take it easy for one month, so I did. October is here and I think I’m ready to get to work again. Wish me luck!

Thoughtful Thursday

Pretty lucky that we get a sunset-facing unit. Every afternoon, I try to time my workout so that I’m front row to the light show. Sometimes, I get a little lazy and end up working out way past 6, so I don’t get to see the sunset. But whenever I do, I kind of look forward to the next day. Feels a little bit like a reset. I’ve always believed that things are better in the morning. However bad it gets, you’ll wake up feeling so much better than you did when you slept. At least from my experience.

Fashion Friday

Haven’t been dressing up lately and the only thing I’ve been fairly consistent with are my nails. Obsessed with modern french tips and negative space. Sharing some inspo that I hope to recreate, too.


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