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Thought I’d rework this monthly recap post to mean what it actually is—a “previously on” The Show That Only I Pay Attention To, haha. My life. I just got back from a much-needed break from the city life and I’m already missing the sun, the ocean, and my niece. It was a perfect cap to this first month of the year.

For January, I joined in on Practical Magic and Mga Baraha’s 31 Days of Practical Magic. I followed a series of prompts using the Mga Baraha deck using my PM Pinoy deck. I stopped doing daily pulls for some time now, but it was good to get back into the practice. It also helped me journal every day, and somehow, process my feelings and thoughts. Hoping to carry on with the daily pulls as they really do set the tone for the day.

That said, I cracked open my new Everyday Explorers Co planner and decked it out in fun stickers. I switched back to actually putting plans in it as opposed to turning it into my daily journal last year. I’ve also tried to keep track of my NTC workouts just because. Granted the only things I’ve put for January were bills reminders and BIR tings, I think that there’s more space for plans this year—at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

One of my favorite things from this month is my niece’s illustration of me. She drew me and my reflection on the water, a perfect representation of myself as a water sign. Haha! I still owe her P20 for this custom drawing, btw. Speaking of favorites, let me end this post with a shortlist of things I enjoyed this month.


  • TV Show: Lupin – I first watched this because I had to for work, but quickly got sucked into it. The French language, heist, and shot in Paris—who was I to resist? Can’t wait to see the rest of it! (Must mention that I also recently binged Elite‘s 3 seasons and IDK what took me this long to watch it. HAHA! I really think watching Dynasty and Knots Landing as a child with my mom has built me for shows like this.)
  • Movie: Honestly cannot recall watching any movie this month apart from our weekly Sunday Movie Club picks. Watched Simply Irresistible last night and now I want to make caramel eclairs!
  • Book: Shadow and Bone – Well, this was the only book I finished this month. I’ve been a little slow lately but hoping these light reads will get me back into reading. Hoping to finish the series before the show comes out in April!
  • Music: The Weepies. Had forgotten how much I loved them until recently when someone sent me one of their songs.
  • Food: Really enjoyed Shake Shack’s Black Truffle Chick’n and Fries. We don’t really order in a lot, because our ulam at home is usually pretty good. Also got to try the Mochiko x Coco Mama mochi thanks to Koko who sent me some!
  • Buy: Treated myself to a romper I’ve been crushing on for a while when Sunki went on sale! And I got to wear it out this weekend, too. Still feels strange to spend on outside clothes, but felt like it’s something I could wear at home, too.
  • Gift: My brother got me a pen tablet and I’ve been using it to draw my Domaceticated doodles!

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