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A Year in Songs (2020)

Making a yearly soundtrack has been a tradition I’ve kept since 2002 (save for a year—2004—I skipped). This year’s list is heavily influenced by my Discover Weekly, the movies we watched for Sunday Movie Club, and my short-lived dance classes pre-lockdown.

  1. “Save a Little for Yourself” by Mandy Moore
  2. “Waiting” by K-S
  3. “Dreamsome” by Shelby Lynne
  4. “Mariposa” Del Water Gap
  5. “You Are Not Who I Thought I Was” by Sondre Lerche
  6. “Summer Girl” by HAIM
  7. “evermore” by Taylor Swift featuring Bon Iver
  8. “Love Again” by Brandy featuring Daniel Caesar
  9. “All Me” Kehlani featuring Keyshia Cole
  10. “White Boy” by Jensen Mcrae
  11. “Lover” by Niall Horan and FLETCHER
  12. “I Can’t Believe” by Cyn
  13. “21” by Gracie Abrams
  14. “exile” by Taylor Swift featuring Bon Iver

My listening habits are usually dictated by albums getting released. I listen to it until I’m sawa and then I go back to old faves. Sometimes I will listen to just one song for an entire week. But every Monday, I will consistently check and play my Discover Weekly, where every so often, I discover a gem or two.

I remember how 2019 gave me three of my most memorable musical experiences, and I’m a little sad that we didn’t get to experience live music when the lockdown was implemented early in 2020. Here’s hoping there’s more music coming this year. I don’t mind if I just have to listen through speakers for now.

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