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  • Handwritten Fonts: How I Make Mine

    Handwritten Fonts: How I Make Mine

    I still keep a planner where I write my schedule in—although I admit that I sometimes log in the details after the fact. I keep a journal where I write down my intentions every month or so. Even with most of my life online, I still always keep a pen and paper on me. So […]

  • 1, 2, 3 of ABCs

    Who hasn’t taken a piece of paper and mindlessly doodled on it? While on hold, while daydreaming, while waiting for something. In high school, I was the girl with the bursting pencil case filled with every kind of gel pen: metallic, neon, chalky pastel. My filofax (LOL) was filled with colorful notes of the day’s […]

  • Weave Got It Going On

    I spent the entire weekend home, catching up on TV shows and practicing my brush lettering (as evidenced by another “new” layout in less than a month, haha). My best friend asked me to come up with a design for her tattoo and I’ve been having fun drafting different designs in between sleeping and eating […]

  • Come By And See Me, I’m A Love Letter Away

    It’s been more than a week since I turned 31 and I don’t think I’ve really written a thank you anywhere. But there is definitely so much to be grateful for.     This year was quieter than usual. There was a mid-day surprise by way of a paper wall of different birthday images (my […]

  • Where I Wish I Were

    Crafted by the sea over the weekend and hand lettered some lyrics to Club 8 (pictured) and The Weepies. Making some birthday plans and I’m super excited for something I’m cooking up with the Candy Girls and Alessa. Yay yay yay!

  • Note To Self: Don’t Cut Hair

    A little bit of Ed Sheeran in the morning. (:

  • Sunday Girl

    Music MondayShe & Him – “Sunday Girl (Blondie cover)” from Volume 3 Tasty Tuesday After my friends’ book signing, we had ramen. Tried out this new place. I’m really not the best person to ask for ramen recommendations, because they all really just taste the same to me. Haha! Split this set with D-an and […]

  • On Being Original

    In a world where there are billions of people churning out great ideas every day, it’s very difficult to be original. I remember as a kid, whenever I saw someone’s nice handwriting, my penmanship would somehow morph into something that looked like that style. It wasn’t something I did deliberately, I think. Maybe I just […]

  • Daydreaming of Someday

    Music Monday Been listening to this all weekend! Heheheyyy. Not exactly the best song lyrics, but it’s so catchy and this cover by Vampire Weekend is  awesome! Tasty Tuesday Crazy good macarons from Mrs. Graham’s Bakery. This one was the inside-out s’mores. Absolutely loved the Brie with Truffle Oil & Honey! Wishful Wednesday { Source: […]