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  • What Life’s Like, Day 68

    May 21, 2020

    Earlier this year—it already feels a lifetime ago—I made a list of habits I was trying to commit to. Good to know I’ve kept some of those habits. And while I may have dropped some (cannot ignore rice when there’s corned beef on the table, tbh), I’ve also picked up new ones.

  • How Many Times Can You Say Goodbye?

    January 14, 2019
    Dad as a teenager

    On the last night of my Daddy’s wake, my brothers and I shared a few words with family and friends, who shared in our grief, celebrated our father’s life, and told us of the wonderful man he was to them when he was still alive.

  • A Year of (Un)learning

    October 6, 2018
    song lyrics from mae - our love is a painted picture

    words from mae’s “Our Love is a Painted Picture”

    A year ago, today, I left my 12-year job in digital publishing, where I was working…

  • Currently / March 2018

    April 1, 2018
    Dandy Ona x Prima collection

    Formerly a weekly themed post I adapted from That’s Chic, this is a list of my favorite things for the month.
    Music Monday
    So I’ve been talking about this…