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  • Where I Wish I Were

    Crafted by the sea over the weekend and hand lettered some lyrics to Club 8 (pictured) and The Weepies. Making some birthday plans and I’m super excited for something I’m cooking up with the Candy Girls and Alessa. Yay yay yay!

  • Note To Self: Don’t Cut Hair

    A little bit of Ed Sheeran in the morning. (:

  • Songs I Like: “Falling Out Of Reach” by Guillemots

    Slow down, slow down You’ll only get burnt out Calm down, calm downYou getting so worn out

  • Songs I Like: Ingrid Michaelson’s “Highway”

    The radio waxes romantic. Its lullabies fill our eyes with tears.We don’t say a word.There’s nothing to say that hasn’t been heard.

  • Songs I Like: “Are We There Yet?” by Ingrid Michaelson

      They say you’re really not somebody until somebody else loves you.Well, I am waiting to make somebody, somebody soon. And are we there yet? And are we there yet?And are we there yet? And are we there yet? Home, home, home, home. Home, home, home, home. Where you will lie on the rug while I play with the dog. And you won’t be too […]

  • New shoes

    Hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything’s rightI said hey, I put some new shoes on and everyone’s smiling, it’s so invitingOh, short on money but long on timeSlowly strolling in the sweet sunshineAnd I’m running late and I don’t need an excuse‘Cause I’m wearing my brand new shoes Pizza lunch at […]

  • They never mean what they say

    I’m tired and batteredWorn the sole off my shoesI’m restless and tornShort of nothing to loseI’m tired and battered I always think that when I’m feeling tired, it’s just a phase, like it’s something that has an expiration date. But I’ve been feeling more and more restless these days. I find myself having trouble concentrating […]

  • So we are history

    People who know me well know I’m not a big fan of cussing but, dammit, I love this song! I shouldn’t play myself again,I should just be my own best friend,Not fuck myself in the head with stupid men— “Tears Dry On Their Own,” Amy Winehouse

  • Guess what I did in traffic last night?

    And all you seeIs where else you could beWhen you’re at homeAnd out on the streetAre so many possibilitiesTo not be alone

  • There’s no stopping us

    This year, I’ll reach that pinnacleThis year, I’ll get to the topPeople’ll realize where she got that energyThis year, I’m never gonna stop I really have a good feeling about this year. And I’m glad I feel that I’m finally back on track. These past few days have been stressful but I’m glad to know […]