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Weekend Report

This week has been pretty toxic. I’ve been sick all week, but I’ve been trying to mask it by taking medicine, which I usually don’t do. I like to just let the fever, cold, cough, etc run its course rather than take chemicals into my body. BUT getting sick isn’t really an option these days….

Two Nights in a Row

People are generally surprised when I’m out late at night because they know my bed time is actually 9pm (although these days I’ve been sleeping close to midnight and not too proud of it). But staying in an office building for more than 10 hours can really make your realize how much you’ve been just…

Cheap Finds

Sometimes, getting out of the office (away from the computer and the harsh fluorescent lighting) is a welcome break. Today, we got invited to try out this new nail spa (will post it on Candy soon!). It had a beach theme going on and they had a “menu” where you could choose your treatment. It…