On my happy list recently

I’m quite the shallow person when it comes to things that make me happy. Recently, I’ve been on a streak—and hopefully I won’t break it.

In the grand tradition of making lists, here are my instant cheer pills lately.

  1. Silly boy crushes. I get all giddy like a high school girl with a crush whenever I see stuff about my current faves. I once spent half the day reading through 300 questions on Logan Lerman’s formspring (and eventually falling in love with him ever more, hahaha! I know, I know. I’m 27, he’s 18. So what? Haha!). Then when I read news about Nick Jonas playing Marius in Les Miz, I listened to Nick Jonas and the Administration the entire day. HAHA! I can get pretty obsessive.
  2. Cheap thrills. Roch recently discovered this P16 treat in the grocery that almost tastes like Kinder Bueno. Yum-o! Look for a P100 pack of Tronky (strange name). It has 6 sticks of chocolate. I’m a sucker for anything with hazelnut chocolate.

    I also snagged a pack of Iced Gems at the grocery. I loved this when I was still in school—and apparently, I still do!

    And just this Monday, I snagged a bunch of nice stuff from ukay! I missed my usual haunts and got this super cute cardi for only P50!!! Can you believe it? Can’t wait for Baguio ukay when my friends and I head up there.

  3. Quality time with friends. I spent two nights in a row, hanging out with one of my favorite couples (hello, Kaich ♥ Ry!) spontaneously! First night was in honor of Sprinkles cupcakes semi-fresh from LA (they were yum even if they got a bit dry from being refrigerated—DO NOT REFRIGERATE, the box said hehe) and then congratulatory crepes the following night for my little victory at work. (:
    Sprinkles Cupcakes Banana Hazelnut Crepe

    Just got home from a shoot (yes, on a Saturday) with my friends (I love that I can call them this and not just officemates). Treated them to Serenitea (our faaaave!) to celebrate said victory. Hee.

  4. A piece of paper. Isn’t amazing how a single piece of paper can totally make your day? Two days ago, I signed a piece of paper that—to me, at least—meant I was doing a good job. After four years, I can happily say that I am in the right place. (:
  5. Cool nights. It’s a luxury for me to turn on the AC at night. Even if it’s only for two hours before I sleep, I always feel guilty for turning it on. So now that it’s been raining and it doesn’t feel to hot anymore, I can get by with just the fan. (: Pretty sure our electric bill will be happy about it, too.

So despite four consecutive weekends of working (seriously!), I am tired but happy and fulfilled. Now if only my connection would be a tad bit faster, I’d be ecstatic! Have a good weekend!

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The Comments

  • Dea
    June 5, 2010

    I will definitely be checking that Tonky out tomorrow! I just love hazelnut chocolate (I honestly think I can live on Nutella alone), so this is really good news that I can get some for P16. I'm supposed to be on a diet but for this I'll make an exception.

    Happy weekend, Macy!

  • Macy
    June 6, 2010

    Dea, I'm not sure nga if it's 6 or 10 in a pack, but either way, super mura na yon! Kinder Bueno is almost P40 a pack diba?

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend! (:

  • Anagon =)
    June 6, 2010

    I miss Ukay shopping too! 😀 The sweater is too cute! And the food (chocolate overload!) photos look yummy!!! 😀
    Yey to rainy days, Macy! 🙂