Day Off

Since we’ve been working weekends, we’ve had a chance to offset our days off. Yesterday, after the Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam screening and a lovely lunch at Chelsea, we took the rest of the afternoon off to shop and have our nails done! (:

Electric blue!

I got myself another pair of brogues this time in Bone (a sort of off-white/cream color) from Kids of Bayo. I know, I know. I already have two, but this was a different color and material altogether. But I think I’ll stop at 3. d: Also got a funky brass ring from the department store and the cutest Cupcake print notebook (couldn’t resist it).

Chicken Teriyaki Doria and Strawberry Milkshake with bubbles

We ended the day with a yummy meal at Bubble Tea. Okay, no. I ended my day with a full meal. HAHAHA!

Today is the start of the long weekend. I have absolutely nothing to do (plans got canceled, unfortunately)! But looks like I’m going for a swim with friends. Hooray for spur of the moment plans. (: Hope you enjoy your long weekend!

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