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It just occurred to me that I should probably title these posts “Previously” rather than “Currently,” huh? But whatevs, it is what it is. Before I welcome my birthday month, here’s a little roundup of my favorites for the month of October.

Music Monday

Their latest episode is perfect for Halloween listening

Not exactly music, but my sister-in-law just launched a podcast with her friends Quark and Ramon called Endslate. If you’re always looking for something new to binge or waiting for a review on the latest movies before heading out to see it, give it a listen. So far, they’ve come out with four episodes already!

Tasty Tuesday

Spot.ph Top 10 Grilled Cheese (2019 Edition) by Macy Alcaraz
Find out what made it to the top spot here

For the entire month of October, I have been eating Grilled Cheese. Three weeks of hopping from one restaurant to another to come up with my first Top 10 list. I told the editor who assigned me that I was scared of the comments before accepting the assignment. My friend Chinggay, who has done so many Top 10s already told me she never reads the comments. Haha! That said, I’m sure so many people will wonder why some restaurants didn’t make it. Well, they didn’t taste good. To me (and the photographer), anyway. I know taste is such a subjective thing, so I don’t think we will ever agree on a universal Top 10. Amirite? That said, I think I shall stay away from Grilled Cheese for the next month.

Wishful Wednesday

Confetti Platito
Confetti Platito coming soon to the Make Space Today pop-up

While I’ve recently renewed a freelance contract for my editorial work for SPOTJapan (please visit!), I’ve been exploring the retail aspect of my love for crafts. For the past 3 months, I’ve maintained a shelf space at Make Space Today. At first, I only had my Dandy Ona x Prima hair clips on display. Then, I created some leafy catch-alls after being obsessed with ginkgo leaves. I wanted a jewelry dish that had a space for rings so the stem was perfect. I made this Confetti Platito a few months ago, and decided to create some to sell. It took me a total of maybe 12 hours to create them (not even counting the two rounds of firing), so I was thrilled to get responses to my Instagram Stories that people were interested to buy them.

The Make Space Today pop-up opens in SM Aura in a couple of days, and I’m getting anxious about stocking my shelf. I’m also trying to secure pieces for my display to make my products a little more appealing to shoppers, haha. Glad my friends at MST are very generous with shop tips, so I’m hoping to apply all their comments when we ingress before my birthday weekend. Here’s hoping people like my new stuff and that I can sustain my stock until the end of the year!

Thoughtful Thursday

Ang Iyong Gabay Oracle Deck by Mikko Sumulong
New Oracle Deck by Mikko Sumulong

My friend Mikko just came out with a gorgeous new oracle deck and it’s available for pre-order. Love that Ang Iyong Gabay uses our beautiful Filipino words.

This was actually my second pull. My first one was the word “takas.” Haha! I love that the words can have multiple meanings, depending on your current situation or head space.

It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling the past couple of weeks with a new work thing, but I finally told my bosses that I’d only be finishing the remainder of the contract. Felt so relieved after and I no longer dread opening my computer anymore.

Two years coming into this whole freelance life and I’m still learning what works for me—and what doesn’t. I constantly also remind myself not to rush into things, so I don’t end up regretting my decisions. But like any other experience, I just try to learn as much as I can, so I still take away something positive from it.

Fashion Friday

The Miranda in rose gold, Remedios in yellow gold, and Julieta in silver

We shot my signet ring collection a couple of weeks ago and I’m excited to see and share the final photos. We asked Mich, our former intern for Candymag.com, to shoot the collection. When I see our interns and Candymag.com Correspondents thriving in the wild, I get some sense of pride like a mama. LOL! Also, it makes me feel really old. Haha!

That said, we’re launching these rings at Hey Kessy on November 16 at 2pm along with brand new designs from Wiji Lacsamana and Mansy Abesamis. See you all there!

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