Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

People who know me know how much I hate exercising. Something about sweating in public makes me cringe, haha. Also, I work out in ratty clothes so the thought of spending money on fancy workout clothes makes me scratch my head sometimes.

I’ve had an on-and-off again relationship with NTC, the only workout system I’ve managed to stick to somehow. I like that I can choose the type of workout, the length, and how often I do it. But since I’m not motivated to work out, once I stop, it takes me a long while to get started again.

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I’ve been seeing videos of my former orgmates from UP Streetdance at this dance studio in Makati and have been wanting to try it out. I just feel so out of shape and I probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the steps. My batchmate told me though that the longer I wait, the rustier I’ll get (haha, real talk).

So, when my friend Koko invited me to join her at a birthday benefit dance class with their dance instructor (her batch meets twice a week to dance—how fun, right?), I knew it was the perfect timing. It was just the right kind of simple dancing that I needed to warm up these sleeping muscles, too. (They call it hiphop zumba, haha!) And now, I’m itching to get back into it! Here’s hoping I actually follow through and enroll for a first timer’s pass (good for 3 classes!), so I can commit to it.

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I’m also currently in the middle of watching Cheer on Netflix and it’s making me nostalgic. I wasn’t part of the pep squad—I don’t know how to tumble and do gymnastics, so I never even attempted to try out. But I did train twice for Elevate, the cheerdance competition spearheaded by the UP Pep Squad. We actually placed first in 2003 and then second in 2004. I still remember all the bruises I had from the intense training we had back then. Had to dig up photos from my former dance life because I miss it!

Here’s hoping that all this nostalgia will push me to get back into dancing and in the process, get my body moving again.

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