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Currently / November 2020

Whenever I do one of these roundups, I’m always so surprised at how so much has happened in the last 30 days. It’s crazy than in less than 30 days, we’re already saying goodbye to 2020. WHERE DID THE YEAR GO?

That said, I’m really feeling very grateful that my family is well, I have a job, I have the privilege to stay home. But really, I do miss seeing my friends and going out without a mask on. I’m still coming to terms with the fact that this is going to be how it is for a while. Sometimes, I get FOMO when people invite me out to meet up (open air! socially distanced! etc etc), but I’m also very paranoid that I might contribute to the spread of this disease. Please keep inviting me, even if I’ll mostly like flake at the last minute. Huhuhu!

Music Monday

If you follow me on my social accounts, you already know how I went from 0 K-dramas in my life to trying to win the Kim Seon-ho bingo on my Instagram explore. I only started watching Start-up late October and now I’m dreading the finale this weekend. What am I going to do with my life?! I’m so happy that my first K-drama is this one. Yes, even if I’m not sure what the hell happened in the last 2 episodes (what a useless time jump!). I very much enjoyed most of the episodes and will be Team Good Boy for life. Haha! That said, what do you think I should watch next?

Tasty Tuesday

On to my favorite monthly update: things I ate and cooked all month long!

Wishful Wednesday

Praying for a Christmas miracle. I was talking to my friend Kaich this morning and she was saying that if one day we woke up and all of a sudden, there was no more COVID with absolutely no explanation, she’d be like, “Hallelujah.” I agreed and said I would gladly welcome it. Is it naive to think this? IDK. I’m just so tired of having to see our daily numbers and wonder, when will they all get better? When will people stop dying? What will Christmas be like for the ones left behind?

Thoughtful Thursday

Pottery tools
Check out my repurposed Bucky’s knife, lol

I was able to sneak in some studio time this month. The last batch I sold was done half at home and then half at the studio. This time, I shaped the plates at the studio. Lucky that Mansy let’s me use her space and finds a time when there’s no one else (or less people) in their space. Hoping to glaze them before the year ends, but if not, then it’ll be the first thing I’ll do in 2021.

I never thought I’d still be doing pottery now. Didn’t even dream of selling anything I made two years ago. But I guess I really do enjoy playing around with clay. It’s quite a grounding activity—from kneading to shaping to glazing. And all the waiting! It tests my patience (especially when some of my plates don’t make it out in one piece), but it also teaches me that I can always try again.

This month, I got featured in the newspaper. And the biggest surprise was it appeared on the front page! I have yet to get a physical copy, but my tita texted me to say, “Ang laki ng mukha mo sa Inquirer. Sikat!” HAHAHA. Definitely one of the highlights of November.

Fashion Friday

Glorious Dias dresses
Glorious Dias dresses

My first non-pambahay/pantulog purchase of quarantine were these dresses from Glorious Dias. I was on a The Queen’s Gambit kick, and thought these looked like something Beth would wear. Wore the striped one on my birthday, so I would feel a little special. I’ve been changing out of my pajamas ever since so I can have a clear delineation between work and rest. So far, it’s done wonders for my overall mood, so I’m sticking to it!

It’s already December! What else does this year have in store for us, I wonder.

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