Best Male

My mommy was listening to the radio last night and burst into my brothers’ room with news that our kuya won. Guitarist of the Year. *applause* I remember during our radio tour for the Candy Fair, me and the Candy girls voted in NU107. Heh. Good job, girls! Apparently, Kuya Mong also won “Best Male.” Nyahaha, what is that category, anyway?

Can you tell who’s the real star? 😛

Big congratulations to my big brother. Can you tell I have the makings of a stage sister? I think I already am. Who wouldn’t be? By the way, while I’m on the topic of my brother, grab a copy of the December 2006 issue of Candy because Kuya Mong gives you a strategic plan to battle your and your boy’s awkward moments. 😀

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