How’s this for random?

Oh my God! “We are the gwapings!” Hahaha! Aylavet! The original gwapings were on ASAP today. It’s Mr. M’s birthday. I couldn’t stop laughing while they were projecting old pictures of the trio on the screen behind them. I LOVED Palibhasa Lalaki and even watched the reruns on Cinema One. Jao Mapa was even the fourth gwaping.

This is a winner episode of ASAP, I have to say. Hehe! The entire cast of Super Inggo was just on. And I’m soooo sad that it’s going to end soon. (Last week and finale on Friday! *cries*) I haven’t been able to watch the past few weeks, but I always try to catch it when I get home early. I actually want to buy the DVD set. Can you believe it? Haha!


A good friend of mine is selling super pretty Jordi Labanda bags. Check out the bags and leave her a message on LiveJournal if you’re interested. I want to get myself the Brunette messenger bag!

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