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Can you believe it’s already November? That means in exactly 8 days, I turn 38. Eep. But before that, a look back on October, in which I started a full-time job and sold out a batch of platitas.

Music Monday

I recently finished this brilliant series starring the talented miss Anya Taylor-Joy. I’ve loved watching her since I first saw her in Thoroughbreds (and then Emma), so I was excited to watch this. Finished it practically in one sitting and I’m convinced that I really lived in the 1950s in another life. The outfits, the songs, the set design. I loved absolutely everything about The Queen’s Gambit! Plus, is it just me or does Thomas Brodie-Sangster exude major Harry Styles vibes in this? Please watch if you haven’t! It’s really so good. Anya is supposed to play Weetzie Bat in the film adaptation, so I really hope that pushes through. She’d be amazing in it!

Tasty Tuesday

Didn’t get to bake as much this month but tried a couple of recipes. Shared the sukiyaki recipe I tried in this week’s newsletter, too. If you haven’t signed up for it yet, you can do so via the form on the sidebar or .

Wishful Wednesday

When I lost my job 3 years ago, it left me traumatized. Twelve years of my life in a single company and taken away just like that. I would never wish it on anyone. After that, I was very wary of the jobs I took on and it took a while for me to be comfortable again with long-term projects.

In the three years I’ve been freelancing, I’ve learned that I really don’t need much to have a comfortable life. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have a regular income, lol. But seriously, I have saved more in the last 3 years than I did in 12 years with a regular paycheck. But this quarantine has been really tough on me. Most of my regular rackets disappeared and I lost two of my long-term gigs.

Someone once asked me what would make me go back full-time and I thought about it. I said it would definitely have to be a dream job and something that pays well. I mean well enough that I wouldn’t need to take on other jobs.

The two things on top of my list: a global brand and a tech company. Well, what do you know, I got both. It’s too early to tell (I’ve only been here for 3 weeks) but so far, it has been some kind of dream. I get to work with people I like for a brand I genuinely enjoy using. I’m really hoping and praying that this was a good choice. I pulled the spread above the week I signed my contract. I’d like to think I’m right where I’m supposed to be. And I’m aware how fortunate I am to have a job during this very weird time. I’m very grateful.

Thoughtful Thursday

Care for a digital print of this?

Right now there’s a storm ravaging the country. I’m at home, rewatching Dawson’s Creek; our table is filled with food; and I basically have everything I need. But doesn’t it make you worry about how not everyone has the same privilege as you do?

This weekend, our batch in AA launched a project that would help out our high school’s auxiliary staff. These are the manongs and manangs who made sure we were taken care of in AA. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, some of them have lost their income. We’re hoping to raise enough money to supplement this loss. If you would like to help, we’ve set up a website where you can donate in exchange of digital art for just P500. All proceeds will go directly to our fund-raising efforts. If you don’t need art, you can also just donate absolutely any amount. Every little thing counts!

Fashion Friday

Ever since I started designing rings last year, I’ve had an obsession with signets. So happy I scored this vintage signet engraved with an A from Souvenir. The heart signet with an aquamarine stone was a custom piece I had made before quarantine. My original design was loosely based on this beaut from J. Hannah. We had a lot of back and forth because the design wasn’t turning out like I had pictured. Was going to give up and just save the stone for another piece but we had another go and I’m so happy with how it looks! The stone is also set in a way that it touches my skin, so yay! I figured this came right before my birthday month, so this is my present to myself. Haha! I mean, I’m a strong, independent woman. I don’t need anybody to buy me a ring. d:

I’m usually very excited during this time of the year because it’s my birthday month. For the past couple of years, I’ve been going on a trip and I was really looking forward to going on one this year. 2020 had other plans, obviously, but I think I’ll manage. Hello, Scorpio season, let’s have fun!

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